Best Dentist in the World


Best dentist in the world. Dr Mac is the nicest. I’ve been coming here for like 20 years and I swear he hasn’t aged. I honestly hate going to the dentist more than paying taxes but him and Lisa are the sweetest people ever. Dr Mac also calls me personally when I have to leave an emergency message and then fits me in asap to get my tooth looked at. If he’s accepting patients you def should come here.

Amanda B.

The Office Staff is Welcoming, and They Know Your Name


It is tragic that I have grown up to hate going to the dentist. I used to love the experience as a kid — despite the scolding I would receive from the hygienist for various wrongdoings. I even liked the orthodontist, despite the soreness. Then it went downhill. Hygienists were in a rush. Dentists lacked personality. I started developing cavities. I missed that warm, comfortable place that my first dentist’s office was.

Until I started going to North Providence Dental. I feel like I have finally find my tooth-happy home again. The office staff is welcoming, and they know your name. My hygienist Anne reminds me of my very first hygienist; she takes her time and always inquires about what is going on in my life. She is a bottle of goodwill and cheerfulness. Dr. MacGillivray is the frosting on my non-sugar cake (don’t you know sugar-filled frosting is terrible for your teeth?). He is so friendly and jovial, and he is extremely sensitive to your comfort level — which this squeamish girl very much appreciates. I like him even when he is performing the dreaded cavity filling because he takes the time to make sure I’m ok.

My teeth and I are extremely happy at North Providence Dental, and it’s the type of place I will continue to go to no matter how far away I may move. They accept what seems like every type of dental insurance on the planet, and I have never had a problem booking an appointment. The waiting room is a tad depressing, but the cleaning rooms are bright and airy; I just wish they would put the pretty paintings on the ceiling where you can actually see them when it matters (right???). North Providence Dental feels like family.

Jennifer H.