I have a big event coming up. What can I do to make my smile look great?

Whether it’s last-minute or way ahead of time, there are many effective and exciting ways our office can help you. We will make sure you look amazing on your big day.

If I needed to see you right away, can I? What should I do?

Care is available right away. We will almost always see you the same day.  Please don’t hesitate and call our office. We monitor our voicemails on the weekend and respond to emergency calls as quickly as possible.

Do you work with other specialists in case you can’t perform a procedure I need?

We perform a variety of great dental treatments and procedures, though there are some procedures we aren’t equipped to complete. That’s why we refer our patients to a large number of high-quality and respected specialists that can and will fulfill all of our patient’s dental needs.
Some of the specialists we refer to actually come and work in our office to make it more convenient for our patients who need their care.  You may even see some familiar faces from our team who also work with our specialists to make your visits an easy transition for you.

Can you replace a silver filling that I had done by my former dentist?

Absolutely! We have years of experience replacing silver amalgam fillings with tooth-colored fillings and can perform this simple and common procedure regardless of the dentist that performed your last filling treatment. Our tooth-colored fillings services are beyond comparison! Contact us today to find out more.

Do I need implants or just a new crown or bridge?

Without a proper examination, it is difficult to determine exactly which tooth-replacement procedure may be right for you. Implants, crowns, and bridges are all great ways to treat tooth decay and loss, yet our dentists need to make a careful assessment of your unique situation before deeming a procedure appropriate and best-suited for your oral health.

There are many factors to consider before moving forward on an implant, crown, and or bridge treatment. A comprehensive exam by our dentists will allow them to determine which method can provide the most benefit for your teeth and your future. Contact us to schedule an appointment today! One of our friendly and qualified dental professionals will make sure you get the answers you need to get your teeth back on the right track.

I’ve lost one of my crowns. Is there anything I can or should do before I come in to see you?

Though generally not an emergency, a lost crown can be annoying, perhaps even painful, and there are a couple of things you can do to reduce your pain and sensitivity while protecting what’s left of the original tooth. We do recommend scheduling an appointment with our office immediately, though we understand that extenuating circumstances don’t always make this possible.

In the meantime, we recommend the application of a small dab of clove oil with a cotton swab. This should help to relieve your pain and mitigate any sensitivity in the affected area.

If you still have the crown it may be also possible to temporarily reinstall it over the damaged tooth. You can use tooth cement or denture adhesive to carefully reapply the crown to its proper area. This short-term fix can provide the protection and support the damaged tooth needs until we are able to see you. 

I think that dental implants will be best for me, but I’m really nervous about any pain associated with the procedure. What can you do to help?

Dental implantation is a common and relatively simple procedure that generally produces little to no pain in most of our patients. If you are considering dental implants to improve your smile, yet are apprehensive about the treatment, we can prescribe medication that will effectively relax you during the procedure as well as reduce any pain or discomfort you might experience after its completion. Implants are a great, more permanent way to solve your tooth loss and take your smile to the next level. Contact us today to discover all the benefits dental implants may have for you!

Is there a difference between a bridge and partial dentures?

Both bridges and partial dentures treatments use prosthetic teeth to repair or fill in the gap between one or more missing teeth. While both methods rely on existing teeth for support and placement, bridges are permanently cemented into the gap, whereas partial dentures are removable.

Each treatment is designed to fit and work within your mouth’s unique specifications. Ask us today which procedure may be right for you!

Are there any signs to look for that might indicate that I need to see you or that I need a root canal?

Tooth pain and sensitivity are perhaps the best and most obvious signs that you need to schedule a visit to our office, but there are other dental symptoms that probably warrant the need for an appointment.

Bleeding gums, for one, are generally a sign of plaque and tartar build-up, an indication that you may be developing gum disease. Gum disease can lead to infection, tooth decay, and potentially even complete tooth loss, so it’s important to see us as soon as you begin to notice any bleeding from or around your teeth or gums. Abscesses and/or unusual swelling in your gums, face, neck, or head may be a sign that you’re in need of a root canal. If you spot a small white abscess or bump anywhere on your gum line, or are experiencing swelling anywhere near your mouth, a diagnosis and immediate treatment may be in order.

The loss of either a crown or bridge is also a good indication that you should soon schedule an appointment. A missing crown or bridge can lead to greater tooth damage and decay and potentially affect your teeth’ basic structure and oral health.

If you are experiencing anything unusual with your teeth or gums or have further questions about what to look for, please contact us today. We will do everything we can to get you back to great oral health.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept a large majority of major dental plans, though we recommend contacting our office or your dental insurance provider to verify compatibility.

Do you see children?

You bet! We provide the same high-quality dental care to children of all ages, and would love to do the same for yours!
From their initial examination to long-lasting preventive care and more, we are there to deliver your family the same superior dental treatments we provide to you. Contact us today.